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Zebegényi intimizmus - Válogatás Szőnyi István csendéleteket, meghitt szobabelsőket, valamint aktokat ábrázoló akvarell és gouache képeiből.

2018. május 27.


Szőnyi István biography


1894 He was born on 17th January in Újpest
1913 Studied at the College of Fine Arts under Károly Ferenczy
1914 Spent the summer in Nagybánya with the grant of the College
Drafted for military service during World War I
1916 His daughter, Jolán, was born
1917-18 On pass in Nagybánya
1919 Left the army and continued his studies under István Réti
Became one of the leaders of the reformist movement during the Soviet Republic, and was compelled to leave the College after the fall of the attempt
1921 First solo exhibition in Ernst Museum, Budapest
Grand prize of Szinyei Merse Pál Society
Member of Szinyei Merse Pál Society
1924 Got married and moved to Zebegény
Second solo exhibition in Ernst Museum
His daughter, Zsuzsa, was born
1925 Teacher at a private school (Downtown Free School)
1926 His son, Peter, was born
1929 Third solo exhibition in Ernst Museum
Received a scholarship to Rome but returned after a few months
1930 Teacher at his own free school
1933 Small Gold Medal of the State
1937 Invited to be a professor of the College of Fine Arts
Several individual and collective shows between the two world wars
1939 Great Gold Medal of the State
1941 Appointed member of the Council of Grants and Scholarhips
Corvin Wreath
Edited the book „Studying Visual Arts”, whose chapters on drawing, painting in oil and tempera he wrote himself
1942 Painted the fresco of the church Győr-Nádorváros, and fell seriously ill
1943 Published his book „The Picture”
1944-45 During the Nazi occupation and the siege of Budapest he sheltered refugees and forged documents for them with his son
Representative of the National Assembly
1945 Peter, his son, died
1947 Bronze Order of Hungarian Liberty
1948 Great success at the Biennial of Venice and the Hungarian exhibition in London
1949 Silver Medal of Kossuth Prize
1952 Artist of Merit Award
1953 Gouache exhibition at Fényes Adolf Showroom
1954 Retrospective exhibition in Ernst Museum
Order of Labour
1956 Janus Pannonius Award
Distinguished Artist Award
1957 Painted a panneau on the history of postal service for the Csepel Post Office
Documentary film was taken about him
1958 His health became so feeble that he had to stop teaching at the College
1960 On 30th August he died in Zebegény